There are different versions of the OMERO Storage Manager available.

The Standard Version provides the viewing functionality but also enables archiving collections of images to secondary hard disk storage; An actual archive for the Omero platform utilizing existing storage resources. It can also be integrated into existing back-up solutions. This tool can be used to effectively clean or purge the OMERO server from projects that can be removed for archiving because they are no longer required.

The Extended Version offers a complete archive solution to LTO or Blu-ray Media, for the Omero/Columbus User who needs a one-stop-shop solution.

Software Software + Hardware
Storage statistics per project (or screen) v v
Summary statistics on the server or projects v v
Overview per group/user v v
Advanced filtering of projects v v
Scan statistics of selected files v v
Quota Management v v
Archive projects to secondary storage v v
Purging archived projects from OMERO server v v
Restore projects from archive v v
Archive projects to removeable media (LTO/Blu-ray) v
Automatic restore from LTO/BD v